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Comedy Central
Jul 17, 2012 10:00am PDT
anderson and his 360 bulletin presenter. i mean just look at them. the chef and the cnn deli finally perfected the black and white news cookie. i mean the babies they'd have made, the sill ken ebb onee queen and the elfish god would have produced the most perfect little laser eyed caramel mocka wood nymph. i'm pretty sure that's okay for me to say. it doesn't make any sense. for years we've heard anderson go on and on about some girl named katrina. (laughter) standing in front of her house at odd hours, fighting with her and ending up outside in the rain. it was true love. of course looking back now it was suspicious that we never saw a photo of her. and their relationship always seemed strained. i mean who calls their girlfriend by the pet name worst natural disaster of the modern era. and of course, folks, no one, no one took more advantage of my absence from the scene than the you could ad-- coward in chief. you see this man is running scared, folks, because we all know mitt romney is the man we need in the white house thanks to his years of business experience at bain capital. so
Comedy Central
Jul 3, 2012 1:35am PDT
back. there's only one problem. >> this is cnn's breaking news. >> the state-run middle east news agency in cairo is now reporting that hosni mubarak is clinically dead. >> he has had a stroke. he has had a stroke in his heart. he's had a heart attack. his heart has stopped. he has been dead. he's been in a coma. >> he's ling to life. >> hosni mubarak is on the brink of death. >> today his supporters say he's been taken off a respirator and it doing much better. >> it just so happens that his friends here he's only mostly dead. >> stephen: yes, hosni is a friend and the fact that he was dead last week really has me worried about his health. ( laughter ) hosni, your people need you. stay strong. stiff upper lip. well, stiff everything. ( laughter ) nation, i never throw caution to the wind. it will whip back into your eyes and blind you. this is the threat-down. ( cheers and applause ) first up, folks, i've never cared for penguins. too much dark meat. but now, i have a new reason to be repelled by these krill-sucking creeps. a natural history museum in england just unearthed an un
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)